Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Winning Badge

Hello, I now have chosen my winning badge. Please take some time to fill it out. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Badges! What Motivates You?

(Star Badge)
Have you ever been motivated by a badge? If not, then what does?During design class, we are learning about the characteristics and features that make a badge awesome!

We also wanted to have a challenge to make the badges a vector type. Vector graphics are the opposite of bit-map or raster graphics. The difference between the two is that the bit-map has pixels, in the pixels are a specified color. The pixels explain why the picture blurs or pixilates, that is because when you zoom in you're actually focusing on each individual pixel programmed to make that designed picture. The vector graphics are made with lines and points to make a picture. This was no matter if you make it bigger, blow it up or zoom in, you will still see the same thing in clear definition. Now knowing this information we will soon start to design our own vector badges when we come to the "create" in the design cycle. The digital vector based badges will work better for us so if we want to do anything with the badge it will stay the same, even if we make it big, small, or zoomed in.

Teachers can use the idea of badges for encouraging student to do there best work for the reward of the chosen badge. Badges can be used by teachers telling them they can earn one if they do a certain amount of something, with a positive attitude and best quality. Ribbons and gold stars often used to motivate students too, because the student will know if they do a good job, then the teacher will award them.

We also started to be introduced (then learned) about into what features and characteristics to make a badge better. A characteristic is how it looks like the color and what it looks like. A feature is the context (text and font) and imagery in the badge.

Important Characteristics: Make the colors(they contrast) eye-catching and to have the colors match. That makes it so it will stand out more and most likely get people to get interested in earning it. A badge should also look appealing, and should be simple to understand the concept of theme.

Important Features: Consist of nice and legible text, meaning people are able to read it without flinching because the font is small or a bright color. A badge should also have a symbol that matches what you are trying to portray in that badge.

You might be asking yourself why I chose this badge to present above, well heres the answer:
Feature - The star is a powerful sign or symbol to represent good or perfect, (something along those lines) meaning that it was good to choose that sign to put on the badge for encouragement. 
Feature - The center is a star and it fits perfectly for how it is represented.
Characteristic - The colors contrast well with the light (yellow) and the dark (purple).

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Research Source: Faculty Focus (Badges)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Flappy Bird Coding

Today in design tech we had a very exciting project. We coded our own flappy bird game.
I think that coding is very fun, especially when it is a game we all know and love!
I think that coding is all about creativity. You can rewrite the rules for your satisfaction. For instance I made it so the game would be a bit different from the original version, this way it could be a version that was designed by me.  I think that this was very easy on a scale. If you want to code flappy bird to your style then here is a link. If you finish the course then you get a certificate of completion (like mine below). Have fun.
My Flappy Bird Game

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Comparing A Final Design

In this blog post I will be sharing my concept ideas for my blog. First of all this is my rubric for choosing my ideas that will eventually be my winner:

Concept 1:

Pro: This one of my concepts for the final design. It has all the things on the task specific rubric, including, a title, a subtitle, search bar, navigation bar, and the date of publication. These things help by making it easier to understand and/or helps by organizing thoughts and ideas.

Cons: A con is that this concept has no special ideas to it. It looks like a normal regular blog layout. Also the title and subtitle isn't the best to catch attention of the reader.

Concept 2:

Pros: In this concept I have a title, a subtitle, search bar, navigation bar, and the date of publication. All of those things I have listed are on the rubric.

Cons: One of the disadvantages to this concept design is that there is no interesting things to it. For example there is no/lack of color and it seems common or boring.

Concept 3:

Pros: This is my third blog idea concept. I have a title, a subtitle, search bar, navigation bar, and I state the date of publication. All of these descriptions are on my task specific rubric.

Cons: A con is that this concept has no special ideas to it. It looks like a normal regular blog layout. Also the title isn't the best to catch attention.

The Winning Concept:

Pros: This was my first blog concept and my favorite and winning idea. I am going to mash it up with a little but from all the concepts. I am just showing the original one. Since I am going to compare this idea to my task specific it reached all of my expectations. I have an example of where a picture would be, there is a title and an subtitle. Another thing that is added from the rubric is a search box, navigation bar and the date of the publication.  Pictures are important so it can demonstrate another resource that communicates what you want to say. A title is important so readers can tell what you are discussing in your post. Subtitles make the title move clear. Search bars make it easy/easier to find and look for specific posts and things in a post. Navigation bars help separate ideas and thoughts. Lastly date of publication makes the reader know if the information given is old or updated, it can also be used as a way to organize.

Cons: The post is very normal looking and there is not a lot of multimedia inserted into the post.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Welcome To My Blog

Hi readers, this is Ginny. I welcome you to my first blog post.  Blogging can consist of many thoughts read throughout the world. We can spread any information we prefer, perhaps sharing an achievement or some kind.
We can use blogging as a way to acknowledge people. Blog posts should always be read first before posting, this makes whatever you write final. Hopefully after, you can effect the world with positive posts with your own blog and others. For example, our class blog, is a blog that communicates instructions for design tech. Not only that, but has a variety of open minded things that are relevant to what it is talking about. Another example is,  she, Martha, shows her relevance to showing the world she can make a change in the food industries.
In my blog my discussions will mostly be open to me, but will connect with you as well. School and other (outside school) activities will also be shared throughout all of my posts. More example are, books, classes, sports, etc.
What makes a blog awesome is what you have in it. Pictures, dashboard, search bar, anything that makes the reading easier, better, and more fun. Detail should always be relevant in
the blog, but also informative. This leads up to more organization and easier to separate ideas and thought. However these ways of organization are not limited, you could choose to change the FONT, perhaps the SIZE or maybe even the COLOR. These would be many other ways to separate posts, ideas and/or information. Multimedia could be added as well.
Strategies to make my, or any, blogs better are to make them interesting, with thought, meaning, and maybe some humor to make reading fun. Gadgets and widgets can be added to result in more fun.
Thanks for reading my first blog post!


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